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Southern Trackway Hire Services

We hold an extensive stock of polypropylene mats which are simply connected by joining clips.  We can help you work out how much trackway you require.  All installed by hand, our trackway means you’ll have accessibility without having the upheaval or potential damage caused by heavy plant or lorries.

Ideal for creating vehicular tracks, car parks and paths, our trackways are made up from individual 8’x 4’ polypropylene ground guard sheets supplied with joining clips which simply click together, so they’re easy to install too.

With the right ground conditions, our trackways are suitable for supporting extremely heavy lorries, plant and machinery, up to 40 tonnes gross weight.

We offer flexible customer service, our team are happy to provide on-site advice at cost and once you’ve placed your order, we’ll either arrange a collection time for you to come and pick up cleaned mats and joints or we can organize delivery for you to install.  Alternatively, we can do it all for you.  Delivery, installation as well as collection after the event. It’s up to you.


Pricing is really simple, for short term hire we charge £1 per mat per day (based on a minimum 7 day hire period).  Delivery and installation is extra, for a detailed quotation please call or email us your requirements.

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